Dec 28 2010

Apartment pics

well, I’m still looking for a facebook photo plugin I like, that will post the entire album to actual blog post, but until then, click on the new “Photos” tab on our blog and you’ll find some pics our our new place.

Dec 27 2010

New Home

We have finally found our new place! Ok, we found it some time ago, moved in, got our stuff delivered and are slowly unpacking the last few boxes…..what can I say I’m lazy when it comes to blogging, but then we already new that.

Anyway, we have found a great place in Schwanthalerhöhe. It’s a quiet 1st floor apartment with a private entrance to keep Buca from going mental and plenty of room for all of us. We’re still very excited and looking forward to making it our own. Pictures are coming (seems I’ve been saying that a lot lately), but for now they only live on facebook. I’m sure there’s a way to link them from here….I should look into that.

Otherwise nothing terribly exciting. Except for the snow. What is it with us and picking the worse winters to move to Germany! First in 2005 is was the worst winter since ’43 with 1 meter of snow in April, now it’s the snowiest December on record that has shut down most of Europe airports.

Well, all for now. We hope everyone had a great Christmas, and as the Germans say, Wir wünschen Euch eine Guten Rutsch in neues Jahr!

Nov 21 2010

Germany – The next Chapter

So here we go. For those that haven’t heard we have landed back in Germany again. We just could stay away! Kristen has been here for roughly weeks already and has started her new job with ABBY GmbH. I’ll start a new position with Dialog Semiconductor on December 1st. We both are looking forward to this new chapter in our lives!

We’re currently looking for a new apartment while we wait for our stuff to arrive so we can get settled and start enjoying the city. My company has us set up in a Ferienwohnung for now, in a little village called Wörthsee. It’s beautiful out here, with views to the Alps and nice walking paths around the nearby lakes. Although, it is a bit of a haul into Munich which can be a bit frustrating.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll post again with pics, as soon as the sun comes out :)

Oct 14 2010

Wies’n 2010

From our latest trip back to Germany, Wies’t 2010!

2010-10-03 0012010-10-03 00115 picturesOct 2, 2010

Sep 26 2010

The 100 maß challenge

Wow, I’m a fan of Oktoberfest an all, but this guy is slightly mental….I mean 1000€ just in bier?

100 Maß Challenge

Sep 12 2010

Back to Germany

A small update for anyone who may still read this seldom updated site :) , Kristen and I will be moving back to Germany! Kristen starts her new job in early October and hopefully I’ll be starting in early November. Fingers crossed and thumbs pressed! Who knows, perhaps a move back to Europe will inspire me to begin blogging again!

Apr 14 2010

Down on the Bayou and Papa Mojo’s

Kristen found this place the other day, and talk about a find! Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse is a fantastic Cajun place just down the street from us.

Where to begin…

Appetizers, or the closes thing we had was the cornbread smothered in Tasso Gravy.
Cornbread in Tasso Gravy

Think of it as Louisiana’s answer to biscuits and gravy. Sweet Cornbread covered with sweet, creamy tasso gravy. I could literally eat pans of this stuff.

And the mains, starting with the Po-Boy…
Oyster Po-Boy

Now, Po-Boys I’ve had before are usually served on some rinky-dink hamburger bun with leftover seafood…..not here. This thing came out on a colossal, fresh sub roll, with some of the plumpest, juiciest oysters we’ve ever had. We made short work of this thing, and were looking for seconds!

Now Cajun just wouldn’t be Cajun without the staples: Gumbo, Red Beans and Rice, and Crawfish Etouffee. Kristen got the sampler of these three, and we were fighting each other for leftovers by the end of it. To be honest the Red-beans and rice was a bit vinegary, but the rest, simply amazing.

Safe to say, I think we’ve found a new regular spot…

Apr 14 2010

Aviator Brew Pub

A good friend of mine has been working over at Aviator Tap room for months now, and has been trying to get me to come check out the tap room ever since. Well, as the weather grew warm again, and I’m always up for a good beer with a good friend I finally decided to pay him a visit…..

Aviator (named so because the owner has an obsession with airplanes and brews his beers in an old airplane hanger), is tucked away on Main St., America in Fuquay-Varina (have a pint or two and try to say that).

Aviator On Main

They don’t serve food, except endless bowls of popcorn as the empty pints grow, so don’t come hungry. But do come thirsty as there is a wide selection of fresh brewed beers. From a Chocolate Cask Stout to a Belgian Tripel. Most are stapels, such as the Hot Rod Red, but there are seasonal brews that make appearances from time to time as well as international “guests”. On my visit, Paulaner Hefeweizen was the special guest, I knew there was a reason I liked this place….

So if you’re looking for a way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon, head on down to Aviator and soak in the sun on there large back porch, or stay late-night as the band warms up. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

Feb 28 2010


Kristen and I stumbled upon a great little sandwich shop in downtown Durham. Ok, sandwich shop is a disservice, I guess the correct term in paninoteca, as it’s modeled after an Italian shop, but talk about a great find. Panini’s made on fresh, homemade bread. Excellent cuts of meat and cheese, mostly imported from Italy. We’ve been there a few times now, and haven’t been let down, and it serves as a great “old world” fix for us…sniff….sniff.

Along with the sandwiches, are fresh soups that change daily. The cauliflower cream soup with hazelnuts and truffles is highly recommended along with the soppressata panini.

Big thumbs up for a change of pace away from the chains that plague the area for a quick lunch stop. Toast serves only local brews, and coffee along with a find selection of wine and small batch sodas.

If you find yourself in downtown Durham, check out Toast, you won’t be dissappointed…


Dec 21 2009

Rockabye Baby

Hilarious, for all the Metalli-infants :)

Rockabye Metallica